About Ciclovia

A quick introduction to Ciclovia

Ciclovía (/ˌsklɵˈv.ə/, Spanish: [θikloˈβi.a]), also ciclovia, cyclovia (or also open streets in English-speaking countries)....the closing of city streets to automobiles for the enjoyment of cyclists and public alike. 

Source: Wikipedia.

Ciclovía is a phenomenon that is taking the world by storm. It's a simple concept - close a road to cars and open it to people. Free of traffic, Ciclovía allows people to experience their city in a whole new way.

From its roots in Colombia, to downtown Los Angeles, to Melbourne, to Waiheke Island, Ciclovía has finally made it to Wellington!

Making it a regular event for Wellington!

With the enormous success of the first Miramar Peninsula Ciclovia, we are now hoping that the Wellington City Council will agree to close off this route between Shelly Bay and Scorching Bay every Sunday during the summer / daylight saving months.  And bring the Ciclovia event itself to other parts of Wellington; closer to the city, and other sections of the Great Harbour Way.  So watch this space for what will happen next year!