Miramar Peninsula Ciclovia 2015


After windy and rather chilly days for the first 2 Ciclovia events in February, the final event in March was an absolute cracker.  But regardless of the weather, lots of people turned up for each event; more than 2000 were counted for each day.   But it is not just the numbers that show how successful this event is.  One only has to look at the big smiles of the kids and other people, enjoying being able to ride or walk the Peninsula without having to worry about cars or motorbikes.


The feedback from people has been great, as illustrated by the following comment.

My family  (6yr old cycling by himself, 3yr old on back of my bike, my husband and I)  attended on 15th Feb and we really appreciate having a safe, non-car space to enjoy the benefits of cycling together. Even when the weather isn't perfect, knowing that we are going to have a safe ride, enjoying the local  coastal landscape (wild as it may be)  is enough to motivate us to put on our cycling gear and get out there.

We would like to see this become a regular activity for Wellingtonians who enjoy active pursuits with their families and friends. There are not yet enough opportunities to cycle safely in this City - let's hope that Ciclovia is the impetus for making Wellington a thriving, cycling capital.

For those who took part in Ciclovia, it would be fantastic if you can fill in a short survey so that we can continue to improve the event.

What's next for Ciclovia

The 2015 Miramar Peninsula Ciclovia is a trial for making the Miramar Peninsula motor free every Sunday. So get on your walking shoes, bike or scooter, and join Miramar Peninsula Ciclovia 2015!